Ice Cream Container Ice Cream Container

One-Shot Ice Cream Containers

Making the dispenser so simple

The standard One-Shot container used globally since 1996 is a 160ml capacity that will dispense an ice cream of about 150ml (5 fl oz). With recent success in the USA and Canada, a larger container of 280ml is being introduced giving a dispensed volume of about 270ml (9 fl oz).

The One-Shot SMART containers consist of a cup base, with removable protective tab, and a lid, all manufactured from PE plastic. The whole assembly is fully recyclable. The normal ice cream volume filled on the filling machine is 165ml.

Ice Cream containersMost filling machines are able to fill these containers. However, a sample container should be sent to your filling machine manufacturer for confirmation.

You can fill the SMART containers with ice cream or any other frozen dessert. The product can have inclusions such as fruits, nuts, chocolate pieces and cookie pieces. One-Shot can recommend manufacturers of filling machines should you need to purchase one.

Upgrading of existing filling machines may be offered – depending upon the model. SMART containers with different dimensions can be produced for those companies looking to have only their product dispensed through their dispensers.

The containers nest and are suitable for high speed filling machines. More information is available upon request.